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Band Parents

Our biggest supporters:

  • Uniform management
  • Planners & Achievers
  • Fundraisers & Sponsorships
  • Woodworkers & metalworkers
  • Flags & Visual Props
  • Sound production
  • Drivers & Loading Crew
  • ​Chaperone & Pit Crew
  • Servers & Organizers
  • Cooks & Cleaners
  • Shoppers & Runners
  • Costume & Prop repair
  • Band Camp Hospitality

The needs are many, but the volunteers are few. Please consider how you may become more involved.

more ways to help

Contact Us

We are eager to share our knowledge with new faces. Please take a moment to fill our our "Contact Us" form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Attend a Booster Meeting

These are relatively short meetings where the committees report on their current statuses and future plans. These meeting are one avenue that you can find out all of the things going on in band and you don't have to be a member to attend.  We'd like to hear your comments about the band.

It cannot go without saying that our parents are our BIGGEST supporters. If it weren't for your financial contributions, the volunteering of your time and your continued commitment to the band students' success, we would not have the wonderful band program that we are here to support.

Thank you!

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